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New Features being updated. 3D CAD images now being added!

Sherline is in the process of producing 3D CAD files in .IGS format for designers who need to spec our parts into your machine designs. We have started adding links to 3D files on some of our most popular slides and spindles and will continue as our CAD draftsman completes them. For those who need a free .IGS file viewer, see . (Be sure to click on the correct download link. The page promotes a number of other downloads and can be confusing. Scroll down until you find the IGS Viewer download link)

DC Motor Powered Headstocks Industrial Headstocks and Cartridge Spindles Manual single and Multi-axis slides CNC-ready single and Multi-axis slides Programmable CNC Slides


  Handwheels and Leadscrews

Custom Designed Machines

and in-use applications


   About Sherline Industrial Slides and Spindles

Sherline Products in Vista, California has manufactured precision manual and CNC machine tools for over four decades in the USA. They are used by lab technicians and craftsmen in fields including prototyping, model making, model engineering, clock making and gunsmithing. We have taken that experience in making fine tools, adapted existing components and designed new ones to make up an "Engineer's Erector Set" of slides and spindles that can be used or assembled in various ways to make accurate tooling for prototyping and light duty industrial projects. They are ideal for lab work too.

Building these components in large quantities for the machine tool line helps keep the costs low on these specially adapted versions. The line is also sold only "factory direct," meaning no middleman markups. If you need well-engineered slides with 14" or less of travel and spindles that can turn up to 10,000 RPM, don't pay for more than you need. Spindles and manual slides start at just $150.00. Scroll down to the main menu below for a selection of pre-assembled slides and spindles.

See for a huge line of accessories that are compatible with these slides and spindles.

Selected Sherline Custom Fixtures

Following is a list of the types of custom machines that Sherline has built for various companies and colleges. To see which companies and colleges are using Sherline products CLICK HERE.

  1. Wrapping machines (one head and two head)
  2. Winding machines (one head and two head)
  3. Automated painting machines
  4. Two-head, laser-welding machines
  5. Two-head, glass-tube blowing machines
  6. Extended lathes for catheters
  7. Extended lathes for pool cue’s
  8. Numerous components used as part of a larger machine as a rotary axis or slide
  9. 3D scanning
  10. Laser engraving

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The origins of the Sherline Industrial Products Division and how the components are designed and manufactured to save you money

Programmable CNC Machine Slides

From programmable single and 2-axis slides to full CNC control of up to 4-axes

CNC-Ready Machine Slides

1-axis, 2-axis and multi-direction stepper motor driven small machine slides ready for the application of NEMA 23 stepper motors for use with your CNC system or our driver box.

Manual Machine Slides

1-axis, 2-axis and multi-axis handwheel driven small machine slides

Headstocks And Spindles

A variety of ways to drive your own custom tooling

Handwheels, leadscrews and stepper motor driven leadscrews

Small anodized aluminum handwheels with laser engraved markings in inch or metric increments. Also available with leadscrews ready to adapt to your application. Stepper motor driven versions too. Why reinvent the (hand)wheel?

CNC-Ready and full CNC benchtop lathes and mills

Complete 3.5" lathes and small milling machines in full CNC configuration or with stepper motor mounts installed and ready for your CNC controls


Extensive accessory line extends the versatility of Sherline industrial components

Custom Designed Machines and Tooling

Let Sherline IPD help you design a special purpose fixture using our components and custom made parts to do your small precision job.

Quick-Change 5C Collet Chucks

Save setup time—Change from a 5C collet to a 3- or 4-jaw chuck in seconds!

Price List

Contacting Sherline for more information or to order

Phone, Fax, E-mail, and mailing address information

Other products from Sherline

Sherline also manufactures miniature machine tools, quick-change 5C chucks, hydraulic estimating scales and laser engraved dials for Bridgeport type mills

Let us make your custom laser engraved parts for you

We have the production capacity to produce custom aluminum or steel parts with laser engraved markings to your specifications. Contact us for a quote.

We accept

Order by phone at 1-800-541-0735 or 1-760-727-5857


You can now order IPD products through our 24-hour Internet E-commerce webstore.

You may also contact Sherline directly to order products shown on this site. This product line is not available through Sherline's regular dealer network.

We'd like to hear from you...

If you have used Sherline Industrial components to create custom tooling, please let us know how they worked for you. We are always looking for ways to add to or improve the line. We would also like to add a "comments" section to the web site, so please let us know if it is OK to pass on your success stories to others. Comments may be e-mailed to

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