About the CNC Chucker Lathe

We designed our CNC chucker lathe for our industrial customers who want the convenience of using multiple tools in a single set-up. The lathe has a 13" crosslide that accommodates the 3/8" gang-tooling tool post and two, optional tool posts that can be used for boring and parting tools (tools not included).

NOTE: Machines equipped with ball screws will not include laser engraved scales on the mill table, or the mill base. There is also a three week lead time from order date to delivery.

P/N 6600 (w/PC), P/N 6610 (CNC-Ready), and P/N 6620 (w/4-axis Driver Box)

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Standard Features Include:

  • Ball Lead Screw: Rolled Ball Screw with BSH Nut .10mm Diameter, 2mm Lead.C7 Accuracy, P1 Preload. The linear accuracy is 50 micrometers/300mm
  • 3/8" Gang-tooling tool post, which holds up to four tools
  • 14" Base
  • 13" Mill table
  • Mill Saddle: Has electroless nickel coating with Teflon. This offers a hard surface that is rust proof. The Teflon offers a friction coefficient of .1-.2u for smoother movement of the saddle and the table.
  • 3C Collet headstock: TIR (total indicator runout) is rated at .0.001" on the 3C headstock. In addition, the 3C spindle is electroless nickel plated to aid in rust prevention, and to increase the surface hardness of the spindle for durability.
  • Powerful 90V DC motor with electronic speed controller
  • Two, 2-amp high-torque stepper motors (Must be ordered separately on P/N 6610 CNC-Ready Chucker Lathe)
  • Accordion way cover and brass-tube leadscrew cover
  • Maximum feed rate is 32 in/min.
  • Largest diameter through the collet is ˝" (13mm). NOTE: collets are not available through Sherline Products. We recommend buying them from Hardinge.

*Better runouts may be attained upon request.

Ball Leadscrew Specs:

  • Rolled Ball Screw with BSH Nut
  • 10mm Diameter, 2mm Lead
  • C7 Accuracy*, P1 Preload

*C7 accuracy has a linear tolerance of 50 micrometers / 300mm or .002" / 12.0".

Stepper Motor Specifications:

Step Angle 1.8°/full step
Step Angle Accuracy ±5%
Number of Phase 4
Rated Voltage 4.5V DC
Rated Current 2.0 A
Holding Torque 1.35 N.m (Newton meters),
13.756 kg-cm (kilogram centimeter),
191.17 oz/in (ounce inch), or 11.94 in/lb (inch pound)
Weight 1.0 Kg (2.2 lb.)
Axial-Force Fa=15 N Max., or 3.37 lbf Max.
Distance a=20 mm
Radial-Force Fr=75 N Max., or 16.86 lbf Max.

CNC Chucker Lathe and PC w/4-Axis Driver & Software

P/N 6600

(Click on image for a larger view)

NOTE: Depending upon availability, actual computer supplied with the system may look different than shown above.

  • Price: $3250.00
  • P/N 6600
  • Includes the standard features as noted above
  • The computer includes the following:
    • 4-axis driver board built into computer case
    • Cables, keyboard, and mouse (you supply a monitor)
    • 4 GB flash drive included for transferring g-code files
    • Linux (Ubuntu) OS and linuxcnc G-code control program pre-installed on hard drive
    • DVD drive
    • 1-year warranty on all components for non-production use. 90-day warranty on CNC and computer-related components.

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CNC-Ready Chucker Lathe

P/N 6610-CNC

(Click on image for a larger view)

  • Price: $2150.00
  • P/N 6610-CNC
  • Includes the standard features as noted above (stepper motors must be ordered separately)
  • The handwheels are included and can be mounted to the end of the stepper motors to maintain manual control when needed.* 2-1/2" (63mm) adjustable “zero” handwheel on the Z-axis and 2" (51mm) adjustable “zero” handwheels on the X- and Y-axes. Each handwheel has laser engraved aluminum handwheel collars
    *NOTE: CNC-ready machines cannot be operated manually until stepper motors are installed.

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CNC Chucker Lathe w/4-Axis Driver Box (no PC)

P/N 6620

(Click on images for a larger view).

  • Price: $2875.00
  • P/N 6620
  • Includes the standard features as noted above
  • Includes P/N 8760 4-axis CNC Driver Box
    • Converts g-code to steps to run DC stepper motors
    • Control up to 4 stepper motors via g-code—X, Y, Z plus A (rotary) axes
    • Power supply works on 115 or 240 VAC
    • Fused circuit protection
    • 25-pin parallel cable included to connect to your computer*
    • Output cables for X, Y, Z and A pre-wired with DIN plugs for stepper motors
    • Includes Ubuntu Linux OS and linuxcnc control program on CD
    • Second CD has instructions and free utilities

*Computer requires 25-pin parallel port for connection. Does not work with USB.

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Chucker Lathe Photo Gallery

CNC Chucker Lathe

Mounted 3/8" Gang-tool post

Ball screw

Ball screw

2-amp high-torque stepper motors

3C Collet headstock

Brass tube leadscrew cover

Mounted tools (not included)

Mounted tools (not included)