About the CNC Cam Grinder

Designed to grind cam lobes for miniature engines, this small grinder has found its way into many uses in industry besides grinding cams. Software is provided that creates G-code from measurements of a cam lobe entered into a simple spreadsheet. The grinding wheel is 6" in diameter and a 1/4" wide, and a wheel dresser is provided on the back side of the cutting wheel. Available with or without a computer and drivers. Linux/EMC2 software included.

P/N 8650 (w/o computer)

P/N 8655 (w/PC)

Standard Features Include:

  • Powerful 1/2 HP grinder motor (operates on 110-120 VAC, 60 Hz current)
  • 3 DC stepper motors with manual control handwheels
  • Flexible way covers on the Y-axis keeps water and grinding debris off the Y-axis leadscrew
  • Holds cam blanks up to 9" long in the collet (8" long between centers)
  • Tough, black anodized finish on aluminum parts
  • 6" grinding wheel and built-in diamond wheel dresser included
  • Collet holding fixture, #0 Morse dead center, faceplate, hex keys, and Tommy bar
  • Laser engraved degree collar on the spindle headstock
  • Brass coolant plumbing factory assembled
  • Cam Interpreter Lite Program used to translate your cam measurements into G-code

The machine will be shipped partially assembled. Final assembly and truing up must be done by the end user, as it would be impossible to ship the entire, assembled machine and expect it to hold tolerances after the shipping process. Technical assistance will be available to help the user through this process.
CLICK HERE for Receiving and Assembly Instructions

What Is Not Included:

To save shipping costs, some common but difficult-to-ship items that can be purchased locally by the user are not included.

  • A metal, automotive garage floor oil-drip pan for collecting the coolant
  • A small submersible water pump for coolant
  • A few feet if 1/2" diameter plastic tubing
  • A 5-gallon bucket to contain the coolant.

NOTE: Chucks and collets are available but are not included.

CNC Cam Grinder (w/o computer)

P/N 8650

(Click on image for a larger view)

  • Price: $4,917.91
  • P/N 8650
  • Includes the standard features as noted above
  • Standard 1-year Sherline warranty for home shop (non-commercial production) use

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CNC Cam Grinder w/PC

P/N 8655

(Click on image for a larger view)

NOTE: Depending upon availability, actual computer supplied with the system may look different than shown above.

  • Price: $6,124.57
  • P/N 8655
  • Includes the standard features as noted above
  • The computer includes the following:
    • 4-axis driver board built into computer case
    • Cables, keyboard, and mouse (you supply a monitor)
    • 4 GB flash drive included for transferring G-code files
    • Linux (Ubuntu) OS and linuxcnc G-code control program pre-installed on hard drive
    • DVD drive
    • 1-year warranty on all components for non-production use. 90-day warranty on CNC and computer-related components.

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